Nautical songstress conjuring up twisted sounds on the Dorset coast.

"...a mysterious, highly talented artist who combines weirdness & melodic brilliance perfectly – une performance tout à fait fantastique…”?

“When listening to 180 tracks each week, tasked with selecting just a handful, what gets your attention is inevitably something that stands out or stops you in your tracks. It doesn’t need to be wildly original, it can just be very good, because there is comfort in the familiar, but original and good will obviously win out. With The Kick, Gris-de-Lin has both, and in a world that loves to put things in boxes, you’re gonna need a new box.”?
Steve Harris, Fresh on the Net/BBC Introducing



Gris-de-Lin is a singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist based in Dorset. Her music has elements of post-rock, blues and alt-folk, peppered with twisted electronics.

This is her first solo project and she plays most of the instruments on the recordings herself (from acoustic/electric guitars and synths to saxophone & drums).

Her forthcoming album was produced by Cee, who recently worked with Torres & Kite Base, and also features PJHarvey/Anna Calvi collaborator Rob Ellis playing drums on several tracks.

Recordings took place in a local nursery school, where guitar amps, synths & drums were surrounded by toy trains and puppets.

Her debut single ‘Your Ghost’ / ‘Birthday’ released through her own Noisy Little Birds label is available now on 7″ vinyl via BB*ISLAND.

Album in preperation for early 2018. 

Currently Gris-de-Lin also lents her multiinstrumental skills to the live sets of garage rockers John J Presley and to Joe Gideon, played with The Duke Spirit (she plays saxophone & piano on their new album ‘Sky is Mine’ as well as playing live with the band), and recently to Gemma Ray .

Interview at Turn Up The Volume

"Mysterious and intense, silent and loud, dreamy and passionate – a spooky beauty of a debut – parfait!’ – Turn Up That Volume

‘In terms of originality, Gris is probably at the top of the otherworldly pile and while the most wondrous melodies flow through the soul of her songs, there hangs over them the most unique and spiritual aura, not akin to anything we’ve previously come across.’ – Dervswerve

„…brilliant artist. From cut-up art-installation pieces to pure pop balladry Gris-de-Lin has a lovely way with a melody and a brilliant concept around how outer textures can titillate and captivate….“ - offthetracks

„...But the most wonderful thing about this EP is the magically beautiful voice of Gris, which leaves you deeply moved…Groundbreaking, experimental Folk music…“ - Snoozecontrol

(On ‘Birthday’ –) ‘This was my standout track of the week – in a sea of great songs – what a stunner of a tune! Songs like this give me renewed faith that the UK music scene is bristling with great music. For me the best of it lives underground, emerging with new artists like Gris-de-Lin’ – Johnno Casson, Fresh on the Net

"...a mysterious, highly talented artist who combines weirdness & melodic brilliance perfectly – une performance tout à fait fantastique…’ – 50THIRDAND3RD

Wasn’t that long ago I was plugging the hell out of Courtney Barnett. Well, here is a new video from someone I liken to Barnett in terms of her adventurous musical spirit:  Gris-de-Lin.’ – Frank Gutch Jr

(On The Kick EP:) ‘It’s frightening to think that this is Gris’s debut. It’s confident, it’s inventive, it’s beautiful and if this is a sign of things to come then strap yourself in because it’s going to be a wonderful ride.’ – The Devil Has the Best Tuna

"... in a world that loves to put things in boxes, you're gonna need a new box...." Steve Harris/ FOTN BBC Introducing