Loudest Boom Bah Yea - Booty Beats Fully Realized


Loudest Boom Bah Yea - Booty Beats Fully Realized



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Loudest Boom Bah Yea is the Drum Duo of Karl Lundin and Chris Deaner, heavy dirty breakbeats with a flow like a popsong and the punch of a second line drum corp. 

You'll get Big Beat, Breakbeat, Funky Drummer, Tambour de Brazza, Katak-like chants, Line drumming, HipHopHiHats and an echo of Dub. Got it?!  Boom! It's all about rhythm. It's all in here. 
But these 2 smart guys just call it "pop music for 2 drumsets".  This all suits it well
Loudest Boom Bah Yea are Karl Lundin (drum set left stage side) and Chris Deaner (drum set right stage side). They lend their bandname from the chants "Ali, bom ba ye!" which accompanied the event of the Foreman/Ali fight in 1972, Zaire, impressively documented in Leon Gast's movie "When We Were Kings" (-highly recommended, btw. If there would be a new movie about this Rumble In The Jungle ever, this record here shall be the soundtrack.)
You wouldn't guess at once that both are coming from Indie Rock/-Pop background. A credit list would be too long, but most remarkable here: Chris Deaner is founding member of +/- {Plus/Minus} and Karl Lundin have been his replacement during there European dates  in 2007.  
Coming from different corners of the USA Chris Deaner (New York) and Karl Lundin (Mississippi) met in Austin, TX after playing at a coffee shop in different bands.  They both noticed the fact that the other was playing drums better than those bands were. And found more mutuality: They shared a love and fascination for all kinds of rhythmic things way beyond the pop/rock world. Afro and Afro-American grooves as well as the perspectives of pure dance and electronic music (As current faves they would drop  Amon Tobin, DAT Politics, Hot Chip, Matmos, Plaid, Kid606, Congo Natty. Oh, and Perfume) 
After both drummers simultaneously noticed a distinct absence of drumset music in the pop world the musical idea of Loudest Boom Bah Yea was born. 
They got together in 1999, and kept exploring this loose  project, whenever their busy schedules allowed. Now, after 10 years of their existence BB*Island is happy to present the first recordings of LBBY, as a vinyl only release 

6 track vinyl on 45rpm

A1. Tap Not, Lest Ye Be Tapped
A2. Tribute to Dirty South
A3. Preylewd (To a Fairy Dance?)

B1. Bell-a-Tubby
B2. Seven Ladies
B3. Deux

together with the vinyl you will get a 10 track download - a zip file with WAVs