The Scenes - Sex, Drugs and Modern Art

cover The Scenes Finland Sex, Drugs and Modern Art vinyl CD
cover The Scenes Finland Sex, Drugs and Modern Art vinyl CD

The Scenes - Sex, Drugs and Modern Art

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Bands never exist in a vacuum. They consist of everything that goes into making their constituent parts. The driving force of the The Scenes, singer Konsta Koivisto and guitarist Miki Liukkonen, work in the visual arts, including fashion, and literature, including poetry, respectively.
It shows.
Having feet in other doors and a life outside the band feeds the band. For one, the constant stream of activity generated by Konsta and Miki propels the band's forward momentum. Secondly, it provides tools to deal with questions that not every band will choose to tackle - at all, never mind as successfully as The Scenes does.
As could be expected from a poet, most of the ten or so bands that Miki generally listens to are all quite lyrically oriented.
It shows.
On their 3rd album The Scenes dive into the information glut we call modern life. It ties us all into knots.
"The album is all about neuroses," says lyricist and guitarist Miki Liukkonen. "The questions the album deals with are not easy, but we've tried to write it them into slogans, things people can almost chant."
To make a finer point of it, the music is, at times, their most approachable and simple, creating a nice contrast to the words. In addition to their customary mangled and discombobulated riffs, the album ventures into almost poppy territory - there are some surprisingly epic and uplifting melodies to be had, as well as tender little vignettes featuring minimal instrumentation.
It's a very mature, realized and self-assured record by a cocky bunch of bastards.
The Scenes has opinions. They talk about how most bands are posing, being dishonest to themselves and their audience. They talk about how they were in a bar and realized that rock is dead. They talk about their own honesty and how they strive for abandon, absolution and transcendence.
"I always found musicians boring," Miki recalls.
That's a terrible attitude to have!
Sometimes, like in the case of The Scenes, it works like a charm. It's sure to attract certain kinds of people.
And hopefully repel even more.  
(Arttu Tolonen)

A1/ 01. Catch 22 - (02:52)
A2/02. Petals - (03:29)
A3./03. Hypermobility - (02:13)
A4/04.  Despair Of Zeitgeist - (03:59)
A5/05. Amusing Notes For Cynics - (03:34)
B1/06. Louis Wain - (04:25)
B2/07. Fainting Clerks - (03:29)
B3/08. Always Lie About Your Childhood - (03:14)
B4/09. Death Of A Common - (05:26)
B5/10. Absolution, Please - (03:03)

Konsta Koivisto - Vocals
Miki Liukkonen - Guitar
Atte Loponen - Guitar
Olli Vimpari - Drums, percussions
Matias Haataja - Bass
Joni Seppänen - Keyboards, piano
Matias Kiiveri - Backing vocals, percussions

Recorded by Matias Kiiveri at Wolfbeat Studios in Kempele, Finland.Mixed by Matias Kiiveri at Hollywood House in Helsinki, Finland. Produced by Matias Kiiveri. Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios. Graphic design by Konsta Koivisto