LISTEN TO SOMETHING NEW - "My Last Nerve" by She Keeps Bees

lord I am tired of the same old bullshit
let us go in peace
haven't we been through enough
your persistance and psychotic tendencies
is how you rip the meat of the bones
you still think you keep  
I'm your punisher, right I'm the punisher, I'm your
I got nerve, don't I
I have got some nerve
who's afraid of you
who could be afraid of you
who's afraid
the more you take you give nothing
nothing nothing not a thing
you must live in love



"Fuck The Government, I Love You" Probably the right moment to bring this up again. Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell just posted: "It's nice to hear all the sweet things people are saying to each other in the wake of what has just happened. And yes—this is a time for hugs and taking care of each other. But along with love, it is also a time for anger and action and activism. I hope that one day the chorus of this stupid song of ours becomes far less relevant."  
In a similar vein - Love Is Hope - listen to Nick Ferrio's take of the traditional "Hangman".

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