22-Pistepirkko - The Kings Of Hong Kong


22-Pistepirkko - The Kings Of Hong Kong


2011 Bone Voyage Recordings vinyl reissue with new artwork. w/ printed inner sleeve, liner notes


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A second debut album. Following to their quite different sounding finnish sung debut album The Kings Of Hong Kong is the first english 22-Pistepirkko album. On this album the trio from Utarjärvi, a village of Northern Finland, lay-out the early basis of what has turned into their eclectic signature sound. After a first test on their 1986 single "Ou Wee!" they go deeper to their roots of rock, which, according to the band, includes easy rolling organ riffs, maracas and tambourines.

The emphasis is clearly a garage rock'n'roll sound. Some inspirations are obvious, Bo Diddley jungle rumble, Buddy Holly guitar strumming, some country influenced tunes "Horseman's Son" and even more the Hank Williams styled ballad "Don't Try To Tease Me" balance this speedy album nicely. Their scope is wide and showcases their playfulness and interest in experiments. With their motorcycle, gallop and gunshot sound effects, they sounded bewilderingly like the girl-band The Shangri-Las, even though 22-PPís tempo was as twice as fast and the vocalist male.


A1. I’m Back - (2:52)
A2. Geronimo - (2:17)
A3. Last Night - (1:37)
A4. Big Bed - (3:03)
A5. Hong Kong King - (3:20)
A6. Hank’s TV Set - (2:17)
A7. Don’t Try To Tease Me - (2:25)

B1. I’m Staying Now - (2:14)
B2. Lost Lost Love - (1:31)
B3. B-Instrumental - (1:37)
B4. Motorcycle Man - (4:15)
B5. Searchung & Looking - (2:09)
B6. Horsesmith’s Son - (2:44)

all songs by 22-Pistepirkko

Esa: drums, guitar, vocals
P-K: guitar vocals
Asko: organ, bass, backvocals

additional players:
Riku Mattila: bass, guitar, harmonica
Mats Hulden: bass (on A5)
Ahti Marja-Aho: violin
Akimovskaja Sisters: backvocals

Recorded 1986-87 in Indigenious Record Studio.
Produced by Riku Mattel and 22-Pistepirkko

(c)+(p) 1987 Bare Bone Business, Oy
vinyl reissue: (c)+(p) 2011 Bone Voyage Recordings