"Turner sounds like he began his musical education listening to Gershwin player piano rolls and quit buying records somewhere around the time Dylan brought it all back home. Lyrically, Turner can turn a phrase with the best of ‘em, and the gloriously ramshackle accompaniment is Mungo Jerry meets Herman Dune sharing a squat in Tin Pan Alley." (Mad Monk on Great Migration/Quarter Century)

"It’s a liberating blast of the eclectic and exotic, confounding and exhilarating in equal measures, and shrugging off any antifolk pre-conceptions."  (Ged  M/soundsxp)



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Turner Cody is a songwriter in the American tradition, and strangely enough in this field yet one of the best kept secrets. 

Cody's work harks back to the sensibility of what a song should be; poetic constructions of meter, rhyme, and melody. His work reveals him as a sensitive folksinger of great form and scope, whose  vision blends the old with the new, the hope-filled with the melancholic, the sacred with the profane.

Throughout 10 albums released over the last 12 years, Turner Cody has slowly but surely become the modern prince of the break-up song, embracing the genre from every angle whether it be romantic, realistic, uplifting, heartbroken or even downright bleak.
Turner's first commercial release was on Rough Trade's 2002 "Anti-folk Vol.1" CD alongside Adam Green, Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis and others from NYC's legendary Sidewalk CafÈ scene. In 2006, James Toth (Wooden Wand) released a vinyl only edition of Cody's "Quarter Century/The Great Migration" on his label Mad Monk. In 2007, "Quarter Century" was released through Boy Scout/BB*Island mainly for UK. Earlier that year the compilation "60 Seasons" was released through by.records/BB*Island in Europe. 2007 saw the release of "First Light" (Boy Scout Recordings/BB*Island). Turner's latest album "Gangbusters!" (2010, Boy Scout/BB*Island) featured Herman Dune on bass & drums and Jon Natchez and Kelly Pratt of Beirut.
Before this, Cody self-released five albums: "Turner Cody" ('00), "This Springtime and Others" ('01), "Who Went West" ('01), "The Cody Choir" ('03), and "Buds of May" ('04).

 He has toured Europe and the UK many times since 2003, opening for Herman Düne and Adam Green but also headlining as a solo act and with his backing band. He has appeared on some of New York's finest stages with the Citizen's Band.

His song "Corner Of My Room" (from First Light album) was picked by French director Jacques Audiard to appear in his award winning film "Un Prophéte" (A Prophet - fall/winter 2009).