"Not many albums open with the line "You were a Nazi hunter..." it's just one notable way in which The Burning Hell's sixth LP (but first in the UK) proclaims its lone wolf conceptions. The band is mostly the product of songwriter Mathias Kom, a mischievous, caustic people's poet with a world view that lets you know the good guys occasionally win. (...)"
- (Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine, UK)

"Kom doesn't try to create moments that are bigger than life. No, he focuses on making life's most basic elements combine in wonderful, magical reactions. Through Kom's eyes, we see life is for the living, not the dreamers. The real rewards come from finding the hidden beauty in what we have, who we are and and who we meet, not in what we desire."
- (Herohill, CA)




THE BURNING HELL is the alter-ego of Canadian songwriter Mathias Kom, and the band has been on the road in one form or another since 2007, playing everywhere from the chaos of Glastonbury to the loneliness of the Arctic Circle, popping up in bars, festival tents, living rooms, abandoned bunkers, and a mental asylum in rural France along the way. Musically, the lineup and sound of the Burning Hell has been ever-changing, running the gamut from introspective folk to hyperactive rock and roll. This means both that no two Burning Hell records sound alike, and that the band can adapt to its surroundings like a karma of anthropomorphic chameleons, taking the audience on a supermarket-cart ride through hooky, upbeat pop songs, dark ballads about pet euthanasia, and anthems for barbarians, economic conferences, and love.

On occasion, Mathias goes on the road as a duo with clarinetist Ariel Sharratt. The Duo's debut album “Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom: Don’t Believe The Hyperreal” came out in November 2015. More often, Mathias and Ariel were joined by bassist Nick Ferrio, drummer Jake Nicoll and guitarist Darren Browne. With this line up The Burning Hell recorded "People" (2013, BB*Island) and their latest "Public Library" (2016, BB*Island), an album of distorted story-songs.

In 2017, The Burning Hell is set to record and release their eighth full-length album, embarking on a tour that will take them from the Rocky Mountains to the Mountains of Mourne, across the Tyrrhenian and the Norwegian Seas, and many other places in between. 

Interview: Mathias Kom on Public Library, this and that (for Musicfix, UK)

"Imagine if you will, Kurt Wagner as a twenty five year old agit-punker and instead of laconic vocal style he’s got so many words and ideas that they spew out of him in a breathless rush, lines running like commuter traffic with barely a gap between them, horns blaring, ideas bleeding into each other. The whole thing hanging together like a cross between performance art and pop music; this is the best way I can conjure up the sound of Mathias Kom and his cohorts. ... As the Hell continue to evolve they push into interesting directions, I’ll be following them."
- (David Cowling / americana-UK on Public Library)


"I just love this. (...) This is one of the freshest, sharpest, hippest, funniest songs that has come our way in a LONG time, and the video matches the record - frame by frame - for its dry, knowing rapid-fire wit.. (...)"
- (Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing / Freshonthenet on Amateur Rappers)


"Lyrics are the thing for Newfoundland-based songwriter Mathias Kom, his sixth album houses some extraordinary stories, not least the word-heavy "Amateur Rappers"...
- (Alastair McKay, UNCUT, UK)


"He's our Randy Newman and Cole Porter rolled into one, with one eye on the coming apocalypse and another on the neck of his ukulele." - (The Globe and Mail, CA)
"what never fails to surprise and delight me is the way songwriter Mathias Kom manages to turn absurdly unwieldy and sesquipedalian verses into the most addictive, accessible, and downright fun songs you could imagine. - (Joel Dear, The Album Wall, UK - "Public Library" his album of the year 2016)