22-PP, well that's a long story. To cut it short. The trio from Utajärvi, north of Finland, were probably the most important underground pop band from Finland.  They've been around for over 35 years, but  now on a hiatus, celebrated with 2 jam packed funeral concert in Helsinki, on 22.08.2015 The two brothers Asko and PK Keränen, together with their friend from childhood days, Espe are for Finland something between what The Kinks have been for the UK or Suicide for the US. Highly regarded, influential and advanced, but not mirrored by long-lasting commercial success during their artistical peaks. 

Update as of 1st August 2019: With a simple photo post on their Facebook page the band announced that the hiatus is over.

"we don't have to come back for anything, when we are not gone"

Soon after, August 17th they had their first live appearance at a free, all ages picnic in the park party - Torpparinmäki’s Torppis Picnic Party. And they’ve announced a string of concerts throughout Finland Oct o November, most of them sold out quickly.
As a little extra, in celebration of this, we gonna issue their 1994 classic Rumble City LaLa Land first time on vinyl through Bone Voyage Recordings.