22-Pistepirkko - Rumble City LaLa Land (vinyl)


22-Pistepirkko - Rumble City LaLa Land (vinyl)


1994 classic album, first time on Vinyl. Pre-order, ships 22.11.
BONE-2211 (black, with lyrics on printed inner sleeve and separate inlet with liner notes).
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Hip Hop, Suicide, Aerosmith and Ali Farka Toure would be the cornerstones of this album. Hip Hop beats would sound like the modern shoes of John Lee Hooker.

P-K: “Some people were pretty perplexed when we talked about our “Aerosmith style” and “hip-hop stuff” to them. I can understand why this happened. This was part of the 22-PP code that Asko and I perfectly understood. To us, it is great to get excited about something and it is wonderful to be a fan. This kind of stuff refuels the magic carpet we are riding on. At the time of Bare Bone Nest we would shriek with joy because of blues. A blues reporter had read what we had said about blues and when he wrote a review of our album after that, he was pretty amazed, saying that 22- Pistepirkko didn’t have anything to do with blues!”

The band themselves categorize their fourth english sung album as "a simple pop and rock album". Knowing 22-Pistepirkko - (just a) little bit more - that's of course understated. Indeed there are very accessible, smashing "hit"-songs, while the sound offers a big variety and the arrangements are very playful. Following the bluesier albums Bare Bone Nest ('89) and Big Lupu ('92), where they've tried to work within a bigger production set up, 22-Pistepirkko got very excited about both Hip Hop and Electro revolution. At the same time they hit on the original home of blues in Ali Farka Toure's African blues music. The band wanted to learn how people made great music with these new sampling machines and computers. They purchased all the modern gear needed and soon 22-PP was totally immersed in them. Now they had to try and see how these new programmed elements would fit in with their sonic palette. The first exploratory landmark of that period was "Rumble City, LaLa Land".

A1. Wild Billy - (02:52)
A2. Oo My Head -(04:56)
A3. (Just A) Little Bit More - (03:35)
A4. Tokyo Tiger - (04:08)
A5. Snowy Dave -(04:43)
A6. At The Everybody’s - (03:52)

B1. I Never Said - (03:36)
B2. I Do Do I - (03:36)
B3. Gimme Some Water  - (03:53)
B4. Blue Balloon - (03:19)
B5.  Nappy King Blues - (04:25)
B6. Coffee Girl - (04:26)

All songs written by 22-Pistepirkko.

Track 2 recorded, mixed and produced at Magnusborg by Pave Marianne & 22-P, Spring -94.

Tracks A1, A3, A5, B2, B3, B5 and B6 recorded and produced at Bare Bone Studios by Petteri Rajanti, Antti Kirvesmäki & 22-P, Autumn 94, mixed at Finnvox Studio by Pave Majinen & 22-P .B1 mixed at Bare Bone Studios by Petteri Rajanti, Antti Kirvesmäki & 22-P
track 7 mixed at Bare Bone Studios.

Tracks A4, A6, B1 and B4 recorded, programmed and produced at Screentone Studio by Johnny Lee Michaels & 22-P, Summer -94,
track A1 mixed at Screentone by Johnny Lee Michaels & 22-P.

Orchestra Arrangements in Snowy Dave & Coffee Girl by Johnny Lee Michaels.

Mastered by Mika Jussika at Finnvox Studio.
Performed by 22-Pistepirkko: Asko Keränen, P-K Keränen Espe Haverinen
additional musicians: Bass in(Just A) Little Bit More by Pave Maijanen, Bass in I Never Said and Tokyo Tiger by Petteri Rajanti. Percussion inCoffee Girl by Johnny Lee Michaels. Autoharp in I Do Do I by Petteri Rajanti. Choir in At The Everybody’s byKallio’s Performing Arts High School Choir.

original cover design: Jani & Asko.
Photos by A.Roinila, Esa Haverinen, Jani, T. Keränen, P.Nordström.
additional lay-out: Jussi Karjalainen, Studio 8

©+(p) 1994 Bare Bone Business, 2004, 2019 Bone Voyage Recordings