22-Pistepirkko - Lime Green DeLorean

cover 22-Pistepirkko Lime Green DeLorean vinyl CD
cover 22-Pistepirkko Lime Green DeLorean vinyl CD

22-Pistepirkko - Lime Green DeLorean

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It's a hotrodded car-rocket to the 5th dimension of the mind, made out of spare parts and oddities, plus a naive faith to mystical mojos.
Lime Green Delorean is a vehicle to go to Go-Go joints due to dance, shake, enlighten your immortal soul and talk with Gods. Join the big flow of the beings.
KISS stuff! 

The band was founded by brothers Asko and PK Keränen and their friend Espe Haverinen in Utarjärvi, a tiny village of northern Finland, some 30 years ago. While their previous album "(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!”,  was recorded in only 10 days and co-produced by Shimmy Disc wizzard Kramer, this here, like their 96 album "Eleven", is self-produced again and with a little help of some close friends. It was recorded at their own Altai Studio in Helsinki, inbetween touring activities from summer 2010 to january 2011. 

The flow of the 11 songs form a dynamic album, full of surprises, cinematic and intimate at equal measures.It has spacy ballads for deserted highways, apocalyptico-boogie, early 70s spirit, some wall of sound in trio size, Ufo Girl Pop, keyboard candy and one sample - taken from a 1938 recording by Golden Gate Quartet. 

Playful, harsh, sweet and tender, simple rockin'groovy -    Even those who follow the band since a long time gonna find a different level of 22pp beauty: whether in PKs buck naked falsetto vocals, Espe's simplifying beats, Asko's weird sounds, their loose choirs, fuzzed fat guitars, focus and chaos, silence and noise.

01. Lights By The Highway - (6:20)
02. Dream 1987 - (6:04)
03. UFO Girl - (4:01)
04. Stupid - (4:59)
05. So Much Snow - (6:30)
06. Sunny Days - (3:38)
07. Broken Toys - (3:43)
08. So Happy Today - (2:12)
09. Rodeo Heart - (3:43)
10. Find Me - (6:36)
11. Lime Green DeLorean - (5:42)

Esa Haverinen: drums, voc
Asko Keränen: bass, keys, voc
P-K Keränen: voc, guitars

additional musicians:
Harri Kerko: Keys / add.guitar on 4., 7. / backing voc on 1., 2., 5.,6.,7.,10.
Petteri Rajanti : add. guitar on 1., 4., 5., 6., 8., 9.
Tero Ahonen: add guitar, handclaps and tambourine on 7.
Léo Fourastié: add. e-drum and various percussion on 3.
Ditte Steenballe: backing voc on 1.,2., 3., 4., 7., 9., 10.
Marjatta Oja: backing voc on 3., 4., 7., 9., 10.


all songs by 22-Pistepirkko
except: track 4. music by 22-P and Harri Kerko. lyrics 1.and 6.  by 22-P, Oliver Whitehead and Jussi Niemelä. Lyrics 4., 5., 8., 10., 11. by 22-P and Oliver Whitehead. Lyrics 9. by Pauli Kallio, 22-P and Oliver Whitehead. Lyrics 7. by Oliver Whitehead
All songs published by Bare Bone Business, Oy
(p) 2011 Bare Bone Business, Oy (c) 2011 Bone Voyage Recording Company

Recorded by 22-P at Altai Studio, Helsinki during summer, fall, winter 2010
Engineered by 22-Pistepirkko, Petteri Rajanti, JaakkoKujala, Markus Ollila, Aku Rannila
Mixed:  tracks 1.,2., 4., 7., 8., 9. by Stefan Kvarnström., Malmö, Sweden / track 3. by Léo Fourastie at Oh Léo, Lles Lilas, France / track 5. and 10. by Petteri Rajanti, Helsinki / track 6. and 11. by Aku Rannila, Helsinki

Produced by 22-P, with Harri Kerko and Petteri Rajanti. Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering, Kuhmoinen, Finland