The Burning Hell - Baby (vinyl)


The Burning Hell - Baby (vinyl)


10 year anniversary reissue, remastered and first time on Vinyl
Vinyl (black, with lyrics on printed inner sleeve). The first 250 orders will receive additionally a limited wide screen poster.
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Baby was the first Burning Hell album to capture the live energy of the band in addition to showcasing Mathias Kom's humourous, empathetic and idiosyncratic songwriting, and it was the first album a lot of Burning Hell fans fell in love with. The band has changed over the years but many of the songs on Baby remain an important part of the Burning Hell's live show, and we're excited to give this record a loving vinyl re-release on its 10-year anniversary.

"...Kom’s writing is a breath of fresh air, and I can think of few songwriters I’d rather spend the apocalypse with..."
- Folk Radio UK

If you got introduced to the music of The Burning Hell through albums like People (2013), Public Library (2016) or just recently Revival Beach (2017) you think of a Quintet or Trio. Back in 2009, The Burning Hell was still a project with Mathias Kom at its centre but a rotating cast of musicians otherwise. "The band’s catalogue goes deep, but Baby seems like a perfect album to look back on....Oh yeah, and it’s endlessly inventive musically. There’s a reason the Burning Hell Bandcamp page has so many odd genre descriptions, “Hawaiian neo-swing” and “Doom gospel” being just a few. There are arrangements that take the band into baroque-pop territory, but at the drop of a hat it could become tropical or even medieval...It’s the type of music that transcends—it’s heartfelt, hilarious and incisive." (- Grayowlpoint)

Mathias Kom about the album: "Back when Baby was recorded in 2009, I was touring all the time, and when I say „all the time“, I mean almost every day of every month of the year. The membership of the band was expanding and contracting like a giant sea slug, and this album probably marks the peak of the era of The Burning Hell being described as a „ramshackle collective“. The songs that eventually became Baby were recorded on days off on tour in three different parts of Canada: by Brian Barr and Jon Wood at an empty house in Vancouver, by Dave and Coco of Construction and Destruction at their Quarantine in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, and finally by J.Andrew Magoffin at his House of Miracles in London, Ontario. ... The album was first released as CD on (weewerk) in Canada...."

"Baby is a whirl across the dance floor of doom, where everyone's trying to stave off the music's end...Kom is our Randy Newman and Cole Porter rolled into one, with one eye on the coming apocalypse and another on the neck of his ukulele" (- The Globe & Mail, CA, 2009) 

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A1. Old World - (03:34)
A2. Dancer/Romancer -(02:48)
A3. Everybody Needs A Body (To Be Somebody) - (05:16)
A4. The Things That People Make, Pt. 2 - (04:23)
A5. Mosquito -(04:40)
A6. Grave Situation Pt. 3 - (03:32)

B1. Precious Island - (04:06)
B2. The Berlin Conference - (05:06)
B3. Animal Hides  - (02:35)
B4. When The World Ends - (03:14)
B5.  Everything Will Probably Be OK - (07:32)

All songs written by Mathias Kom.
Recorded by Dave Trenaman and Colleen Collins at the Quarantine, Jon Wood and Brian Barr in Vancouver, and Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles.

remastered 2018 by the original mastering master, Master J.Andrew Magoffin.

Featuring Mathias Kom (bariton ukulele, piano, lead vocals), Jill Staveley (e-gtr, voc.), Nick Ferrio (bass, lap steel, vocals), Mike Duguay (glockenspiel, key, vocals), Jenny Gleeson (accordion, vocals), Jenny Mitchell (omnichord, banjo, vocals), Darcy McCord (cello), Adam DeMarsh (drums, vocals), Geordie Gordon (fiddle, bass synth, vocals), Jay Swinnerton (mandoline), Aliya Dalfen (vocals), Dave Hartley (harmonica, vocals), Steve McNabb (trumpet, vocals) and Charlie Glasspool (trumpet, vocals). Guest vocals by Wax Mannequin and Otis Mr. Bones Magoffin. Cover art by Gabe Foreman, layout and design by Leigh Kotsilidis.

Cover painting “The Old World” by Gabe Foreman. 
Band photo by Angus Rowe MacPherson. Original Layout and design by Leigh Kotsilidis, 2018 redesign by M.Kom.

©+(p) 2009, 2018 The Burning Hell/Mathias Kom under exclusive license to BB*ISLAND

lim.ed. poster for first orders. size 24,0 cm x 118,8 cm. "Old World" by Gabe Foreman

lim.ed. poster for first orders. size 24,0 cm x 118,8 cm. "Old World" by Gabe Foreman