Alex Highton - Wooditton Wives Club


Alex Highton - Wooditton Wives Club


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WOODDITTON WIVES CLUB is Alex Highton’s debut album. Set to lush orchestration, the album chronicles Alex’s move from the city to the country; collecting his songs of simple life observations played with refreshing, heart-breaking honesty.

After growing up in Liverpool, and then ten years or so in London, Alex decamped with his family to rural Cambridgeshire. What he found was an England he didn't know existed and a life he didn't know he was looking for. With no expectations at all he wrote and recorded a bunch of songs that chronicled his journey from the city to the country. Just stuff about what was going on around him, his wife, his kids, breathing in the fresh air and staring into the abyss…



01. You've Got The Trees
02. On The Corner
03. I Left The City
04. You Left Me In No Doubt
05. Stupid
06. I Just Found Out Today
07. Hip With The Kids
08. Song For Someone
09. Village Life
10. The Great Divide
11. Sweet Taste Of Defeat
12. What Will You Do When The Break Your Heart
13. Little Rocks

Released 27 February 2012

All music & lyrics by Alex Highton
Produced by Alex Highton & Andy Ramsay
Mixed & Engineered By Andy Ramsay
Recorded at Press Play Studio in Bermondsey, London.
Mastered by Vic Levak at Hush Sound Studio, British Columbia, Canada