Dana Falconberry - From The Forest Came The Fire

Dana Falconberry From The Forest Came The Fire cover
Dana Falconberry From The Forest Came The Fire cover

Dana Falconberry - From The Forest Came The Fire

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Where on her previous album Leelenau Falconberry evoked the beauty of the natural world, she seeks now to understand its mystery, delving into the anthropological magic of places, nostalgically channeling the voices of past lives. Inspired by her late grandmother Isabelle, the album unfolds like a surreal dream quest. Falconberry chases ghosts through a thicket of trees, over rocky ridges, across the vast expanse of a thirsty desert, mapping out an intangible terrain like a spiritual cartographer. Written in a series of solitary retreats into remote areas of the Ozarks, Lincoln National Forest, the Buffalo River, and White Sands, New Mexico, these songs chronicle an introspective, metaphysical journey set to a backdrop of the American continent.

Dana Falconberry "From The Forest Came The Fire" at:

1 / A1: Snail Shells - 05:29
2 / A2: Cormorant - 03:30
3 / A3: Dolomite - 06:45
4 / A4: Calling Mountain - 04:46
5 / B1: Cora Cora - 06:42
6 / B2: Oxheart - 04:19
7 / B3: Leona - 05:47
8 / B4: Powerlines - 03:40
9 / B5: Alamogordo -05:50

All songs by Dana Falconberry (ASCAP).

Medicine Bow:
Dana Falconberry - vocals, guitar / Gina Dvorak - vocals, guitar, banjo / Karla Manzur - vocals, keys Lindsey Verrill - cello / Christopher Cox - bass, guitar, synth / Matthew Shepherd - drums, percussion

Produced/Recorded by Jim Eno at Public HiFi in Austin, TX. Assistant Engineering by Matt Gerhard. Produced/Recorded by Fat Fuse: Christopher Cox and Grant Johnson at Good Danny’s and Church House Studio in Austin, TX. Mixed by Brad Bell at Public HiFi. Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering. Cover photo by Courtney Chavanell.

 Add. Players: with: Jim Eno - drum loops on Powerlines, Paul Price - resonator guitar on Cormorant, Molly Cook - harp on Dolomite, Thor Harris - vibes on Cora Cora, Leona, and Alamogordo