Joenssu 1685 - Joensuu 1685

Joensuu1685 cover vinyl CD Bone Voyage Recordings
packshot vinyl Joensuu1685 Bone Voyage Recordings
Joensuu1685 cover vinyl CD Bone Voyage Recordings
packshot vinyl Joensuu1685 Bone Voyage Recordings

Joenssu 1685 - Joensuu 1685

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"(...) Their fusion of Spacemen 3, the motorik rhythms of Neu! and the antique keyboards of Suicide is trance-inducing. (...)" - MOJO, UK

The Gospel of Noise. Young Rocktrio mix feedback with lazy beats, beautiful tunes with trippy atmospheres, reaching heaven and earth and what is below.

Joensuu 1685 (pronounce: Yo-Anne-Sioux Sixteen-Eighty-Five) has been a rock trio from Finland, formed in Helsinki 2007 by two brothers Mikko Joensuu, Markus
Joensuu and (of same name but not a relative) Risto Joensuu, all in their early twenties. They love to get drowned in overtones, feedbacks and noises, due to paint a soft but sizzling stream of big beauty. Repetitive bass riffs, powerful yet pretty restrained drumming, extensive guitar overtones, pastoral organs and Mikko's singing creates original soundscapes and adds something new to the scenes where they might draw their influences from: 
bluesy garage psychedelia from the late 60s to the wall of sounds in the 80s and early 90s.

The band's self-titled debut album was recorded at 22-Pistepirkko's own Altai studios and co-produced by Asko Keränen. Released in Finland first the album got raving reviews from the Finnish media ("debut of the year", has entered the Finnish album sales charts at the week of release, got several positions in end year's charts
(e.g . Rumba #1 "best domestic album" / Soundi #6 "best domestic album", Radio Helsinki #9 "album of the year international") and has been nominated for best band by the critics jury of Emma Gaala, the annual music award
organized by IFPI Finland and the media.

After several tours of Europe the band went on an ongoing hiatus. The band members are still active in other projects, Mikko Joensuu goes solo.

links to their recent projects:
Mikko Joensuu homepage

CD comes in classy jewel case.
vinyl is clear vinyl in printed innersleeve

01./A1. (You Shine) Brighter Than Light - (03:15)
02./A2.  Nothingness - (08:14)
03./A3. Kill/Shot/Love - (02:44)
04./A4. Crystal Light - (07:12)
05./A5. Electric Ocean Sailor - (04:04)
06./B1. Sick City -- (06:14)
07./B2. Gamma-Minus Machine Minder - (02:08)
08./B3. Baby, Baby, Baby - (03:48)
09./B4. Perfect Grace - (06:57)

all songs by Joensuu 1685

Joensuu 1685:
Mikko Joensuu - vocals, guitar, farfisa
Markus Joensuu - drums
Risto Joensuu - bass

Manna: back voc on 02., 06., 08.
Matti Ahopelto: noise voice on 02.
Asko Keränen: back voc on 03.
Régis Bunel: saxophone on 04.
Marine band on 08., 09. by Rev. Topi Saha

recorded during 2007 & 2008 at Altai by Léo Fourastié, Cpon Huone by Aku Rannila and at Reverend Devil's Room by Joensuu 1685. Mixed by Aku Rannila.
Produced by Asko Keränen and Joensuu 1685.
artwork by Jussi S. Karjalainen

"(...) Lord above, what's this? (...)it's damned brave and in yer face; cocksure and, well, exciting. (...)" - INCENDIARY

"(...)The music world of Scandinavia is a grossly untapped resource of incredible art that we feel needs to brought into the U.S. mainstream. One of those artists in this mighty collection that stood out was JOENSUU 1685. Their new, self-titled album takes everything you love from My Bloody Valentine, Skywave and The Jesus & Mary Chain and blends it together beautifully - giving you the feeling of taking a warm piss on a cold Winter's night. (…)“ - Airseabattle, US