Lord Youth - self titled debut EP (lim. ed. 10" )

cover Lord Youth 10" vinyl download bbisland
cover Lord Youth 10" vinyl download bbisland

Lord Youth - self titled debut EP (lim. ed. 10" )


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Debut EP as 10" Vinyl. limited to 150 copies: 
- black 10" vinyl, with inlet and download code

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Cinematic psych pop noir from Queens, NY, via Copenhagen and Berlin.

The upcoming EP, Lord Youth, was recorded in some Berlin summer sessions that were as methodical as they were experimental. It’s sound was greatly influenced by the mid-summer purchase of a Chilton Talentmaker, an optical-disk keyboard that was a copyright-infringing counterfeit of Mattel’s Optigan Organ. Another inspiration was a large stained-glass window that bathed the studio in reds and greens and blues. Other inspirations were Skip James, the kraut-rock band Can’s record Ege Bamyasi, and the writings of William Vollmann.

"...This is the creaking howl of ‘gray gardens’ the lead out track from a rather spiffing self-titled 10-inch EP by Lord Youth, a heart heavy noir set ghostly echo from a monochrome pop past all crystal tipped in a shadow lining parade of forgotten shanty-fied gospels and the shell piercing mournful classicism of a lost song craft, which all told gather conspiratorially in a huddle made up of tindersticks, the orson family and black heart procession types…..“ - The Sunday Experience

A1. Grey Gardens (03:53)
A2. Blue Yodel #526 (02:54)
A3. Plastic Bombs (03:56)
B1. Everybody's Listening To The Fire (04:26)
B2. Buck's Dance (01:05)
B3. Cypress Grove (04:08)

All songs written and performed by Lord Youth.
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Anders Christophersen at WSLS Studios in Berlin, Germany.
Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering Studios, Berlin, Germany

additional players:
Anders Christophersen: Percussion on A1., A2., B1., B2
Andres Barlesi: Bass on B3
Aaron Frazer: Vocals on B3