Talmud Beach - Talmud Beach

cover Talmud Beach debut vinyl CD Bone Voyage Recordings
cover Talmud Beach debut vinyl CD Bone Voyage Recordings

Talmud Beach - Talmud Beach

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..."I sold my hair to the devil / the devil gave me the blues / so I don't need to use that shampoo anymore" intone Talmud Beach over a repetitious groove...neatly capturing the trio's light, humorous but catchy take on the blues. There are traces here of the deadpan blues minimalist Dan Reeder, but allied to a much fuller sound,(...) that generally manage to steer clear of some of the duller bar band tropes that this type of music can sometimes lean on..." - UNCUT, UK:

"..hypnotically grooving..." - ROLLING STONE, Ger

"...Pas le blues adipeux tout pourri comme on l’entend trop souvent, mais sa frissonnante et psychédélique version boréale, (...)  it's beautiful. " - LES INROCKUPTIBLES, FR

"...the album is a masterpiece (...) the playing is skillful and understated...this is no pastiche but a fresh approach to laid-back boogie (...) " - R2 MAGAZINE, UK:

" ...this album proves again that what you play in the blues is so much less important than what you don't, and that a sense of humour works wonder. " 8/10 - CLASSIC ROCK / THE BLUES, UK

01. Hobo Don't Mind A Little Rain
02. Sold My Hair
03. Klubilla
04. City Lights
05. The Wizard
06. Sweetissä
07. Time On Highway 5
08. Pyramid Boogie
09. Drinkin' Kilju
10. Aamullla rautatieasemalla
11. How Long?