Seasonal Surprise no. 1. Lady Lamb has a new album out now „Tender Warriors Club“

Both Lady Lamb and her releasing US label Mom + Pop call „Tender Warriors Club“ an EP. To us it’s a full and wonderful rich album, featuring 7 new songs, with a duration of 31 minutes. It's available to stream/download and soon as vinyl ships Jan 13., pre-order here.
Compared to her previous albums, the debut "Ripely Pine" and the 2015 release "After", these new songs also documents a new recording approach, stripped down and acoustic.  

Lady lamb Tender warriors Club by Sherwin Lainez

Lady Lamb about „Tender Warriors Club“:

 "TENDER WARRIORS CLUB was written between my hometown of Brunswick, Maine and my current home of Brooklyn, NY as well as Portugal - where I spent some time with a little flamenco guitar this spring, and rural Sweden - where I hid out over the summer to record alone in my friend Kristian's home studio.

    TENDER WARRIORS CLUB as a record is my attempt to focus on intimacy and vulnerability, both musically and thematically. I put down my jazzmaster for the first time in years and traded it for acoustic guitars. I reflect on the fears that can come with falling in love, and strive to work through the subsequent anxiety that rears its ugly head when something precious suddenly feels at stake.  These songs served as a path to find for myself that making a conscious effort to stay tender,  and be kind and patient towards myself when handling my own fears, is the most fruitful way to maneuver them in personal relationships. 

TENDER WARRIORS CLUB is not just a collection of songs, though. It is meant to serve as an emblematic space (ahem, Club!) for all of us to relate in the shared interest of emotional vulnerability, using music as the collective form of self-expression. It is my hope that this work and concept can be a reminder to both myself and to you to find the courage to remain sensitive through emotional challenges.

    I’d like to bring these themes into intimate spaces musically, without amplification or a traditional stage, as a means to connect through the aforementioned concept that striving to express oneself vulnerably and with tenderness is ultimately a strength."


Lady Lamb will be embarking on an extensive solo acoustic Living Room Tour throughout the USA , January-March 2017. see all dates and buy tickets here. Be quick as some spaces will hold less than 50 people.


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