Listen to something new - "Men Without Hats" by The Burning Hell

A second track from their forthcoming Public Library album. The first „Fuck the Government, I Love You“ has been around via a video, „Men Without Hats“ is probably new to you. If the name rings a bell it’s likely connected with the Canadian new wave synthpop band, who had a worldwide hit in the early 80s with „Safety Dance“ and a smaller follow up hit with „Pop Goes The World“.  The song here is a little coming of age story. Those who got lost in pop music at some point in their life will understand.

There's also a video, which takes on hot advices for musicians and how to make it big in the music biz.

Also a limited 7“ vinyl single for „Men Without Hats“ is out now. The B-Side for this goodie is „Pop Goes The World“, a Men Without Hats cover that The Burning Hell had recorded earlier. Available only at the band’s merch.