"Head Of Steak!" - thoughts on Donald Trump. She Keeps Bees release new song for charity Single.

Yesterday evening we had premiere at Brooklyn Vegan

Then NPR picked up in connection with the Trump's decision on Paris account

Today June 2nd, She Keeps Bees dropped a new track "Head Of Steak" which takes on Trump's self-interest and climate change denial.  "The lyrics are quite explicit, which is fitting because I find the current administration to be completely vulgar." says Jessica Larrabee. All profit from the first year of sales will be donated to organisation Earth Justice („because the earth needs a good lawyer“). The song is also the B-side of a limited edition 7" vinyl, (pre-order): 

To quote Trump as of yesterday evening:
"In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the one-sided Paris Climate Accord. We will no longer be robbed at the expense of the American worker. We are putting America FIRST!"

Jessica Larrabee of She Keeps Bees at NPR:
"As a musician, I claim no expertise on these matters, but am moved by actions that deepen kinship and understanding with each other and with our only home, Earth. In addition to the many steps already taken by the current administration to roll back Obama-era environmental policies, today's decision by the President to leave the Paris Agreement is devastating...

...For our survival, our dear Mother Earth requires balance. I wrote 'Head of Steak' to channel my anxiety and anger about climate change denial into something productive. Increasingly, it seems that profit outweighs our rights to clean water and a healthy environment, so we're donating all the profits from the first year of sales of our new EP to organizations we believe are trying to help restore balance."


from Head Of Steak lyrics
withdraw our energy
you can wither in your own deceit
because the truth is the truth is the truth
we see right through you
we see right through

the emperor with no clothes on
walking around, bare ass in a crown
head of steak, you deal in snake oil
poison our Mother for a fucking dollar

fear has no power over us!!!!!! 

click below title for full lyrics and more info on the forthcoming vinyl single

She Keeps Bees - Our Bodies (7" - Charity Single)

limited edition 7" Vinyl (300 copies) 
Charity release for Planned Parenthood and Earth Justice

Black vinyl 7″ / black inner sleeve / 4c cardboard sleeve. All pre-orders come with downloadcode, send by email upon order

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