Simon Joyner releases first song from new album "Pocket Moon"

Hello world,
it’s August, 9th. Just another day, but we’ve been really looking forward to this. Today is the birthday of Simon Joyner.


The Omaha, NE singer-songwriter* choosed this day to announcing his new album, entitled "Pocket Moon.
We are more then happy to put it out for UK and Europe, in cooperation with Grapefruit Records for America and Homeless Records for Australia/New Zealand.

We are taking pre-orders from today, see here: release will be Oct.25th. Solo Live in Europe see dates here

* “Singer-songwriter” is a frustratingly confining term; to truly understand exactly just how confining, look no further than the recorded works of Simon Joyner, an artist whose work consistently transcends the narrow parameters of genre classifications and record shop bin cards. Though his music has always honored, reckoned with—wrestled with—the tradition set forth by his songwriting forebears (Cohen, Van Zandt, Ochs, Dylan, Reed to name a few), Joyner can always be counted on to defy expectations; as a lyricist, melodicist, and arranger, Joyner likes to keep us on our toes.”

A first song, “Tongue of a Child” can be heard here.

“Tongue of a child” will be up on the digital platforms next Friday, Aug.16th.

For pre-order we also offer an exclusive bundle, the album together with an exclusive T-Shirt design, see here

"Simon's always been a secret handshake amongst me and my peers. He's a pioneer. He's helped pave the way for many people, myself included. He's an artist in its purest form--for his only concern is crafting a perfect song--which he's done time and time again."
--- Kevin Morby

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