Lord Youth, new on BB*Island

We are excited to welcome Lord Youth from Queens, NY to our roster. Through a recommendation of our UK PR Chris Stone we met after she's been introducing his selfproduced, selftitled EP to a few of her contacts.  It just needed a very few spins that we were hooked to the strange and soothing sounds, and still are. We’ll be releasing this debut EPMarch 27th for Europe,

Please take the time a polaroid needs to develope (a shot from Lord Youth's appartement) and listen to the first track ‘Gray Gardens" below.

„this has been haunting our headspace like no one’s business of late, the way it croons and wallows, a lonely bar bore rambling twisted love notes whilst stirring from out of the neglected smoky haze of a chewed cigar and a shot of bourbon. This is the creaking howl of ‘gray gardens’ the lead out track from a rather spiffing self-titled 10-inch EP by Lord Youth, a heart heavy noir set ghostly echo from a monochrome pop past all crystal tipped in a shadow lining parade of forgotten shanty-fied gospels and the shell piercing mournful classicism of a lost song craft, which all told gather conspiratorially in a huddle made up of tindersticks, the orson family and black heart procession types…..“ - the sunday experience


This first appearance is coming as a classy 10" vinyl 6-track, limited to 150 copies together with an 8-track digital download code. Pre-orders here.

Not only new to BB*Island, but also to Facebook. Follow Lord Youth here  

photo by Liz Maney

photo by Liz Maney