The Sound Of Money release first single and new video

"Streams / They carry you / Faster than you ever knew / And never find an end"
a quote from their song „Tiger T. ..“ seems to be a good fit to start these news, which are:

"Tiger T - Death Happens To a Few" - The 2nd video out of 6 announced is online
Made by The Sound of Money's precious art director Dandy Shakeera, former tattoo artist of the rich and famous' private parts and, under his nom de guerre Andreas Hykade, among the most renowned animation directors around.


"Tiger T. - Death Happens To a Few" - The 1st single out of 3 releasing today
and everyhere (in the digital world), even in Japan

Get the single here:
Two songs to be downloaded to your devices and added to your playlists.

Finally, in a nutshell and for the anagrammatical part of their album project, The Sound Of Money also revealed by now 2 out of 12 albums  from their very own late-60s-albums-everybody-should-know-list.
According to their basic concept “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” by Pink Floyd turned to “Tiger T. – Death Happens to a Few”  and John Hartford’s “Housing Project” to their “Just Chirp On, Ego”.

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The Sound Of Money Live:
Thu, 30.03. 2017 Munich, Rote Sonne info

upcoming album "More? Why Not!" June, 16. 2017

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