Lord Youth - What's That Sound?

The new clip for Lord Youth is a bow to the genius of Georges Méliès, the French movie pioneer. The clip is edited from 2 Méliès films dating 1909. 'le papillon fantastique' and 'le locataire diabolique'.

Lord Youth about the song: “I first heard this song in the back of a terrible thai restaurant on MacDougal Street called the Village Ma. Feral Foster howled through it, stomping his foot and shaking his head tilted his glasses flew off his face. It was a fervent, dramatic, bitter electrifying sermon; or a cautionary tale about being a do-gooder in a world of the injured and vengeful; or simply a celestial Howl of dread and helplessness. Somehow it was about the end of the world. And I always wanted to hear it with an electric guitar. I wanted it to sound like a runaway ghost train careening across the plains, screeching down the tracks.”
The song is from the Lord Youth debut "Gray Gardens"