Lord Youth - Gray Gardens


Lord Youth - Gray Gardens


Debut full-length CD (digipack w/booklet) only. For vinyl see debut 10"

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"a songwriter of not inconsiderable talent... dark, ghostly gravitational downbeat etudes."
Rolling Stone, Germany

Music as blue as the album’s cover. Like twilight, there’s a soft radiance in every dark corner. The voice dry as a rough red wine, bits of acoustic guitars, slide, twang and mallets all used sparingly. Ghostly keyboard sounds, like a flying curtain all over it. Poltergeist-drums; tick-tock percussion, like the sound from a broken grandfather clock, commemorating progressing time, just before or after witching hour.

Lord Youth appears as a laconic master of imagination, of the blue hour. Every now and then, Lord Youth speeds up the pace, like the wake-up call start of ‘Plastic Bombs’, the sketchy garage noise of ‘Moonbelly’, or the rough Americana rock'n'roll of ‘What's That Sound’. Overall, this is a crystalline album permeated with undefined grief.

“Croons and wallows...a heart heavy set noir set in ghostly echo from a monochrome pop past, all tipped in a shadow lining parade of forgotten shanty-like gospels, and the shell piercing mournful classicism of a lost song craft.” GodIsInTheTV, UK

"...clearly a talented songwriter...tracks...switch from the Roy Orbison-style bolero of the title track to Waitsian junkyard stomps like 'Parable Blues'..." Uncut

"...brilliantly uncomfortable listening...the record is captivating and eerie, strange, but quite wonderful. Not one for the children..." Americana-UK

"...Lord Youth .. has produced something really rather beautiful and reflective, bringing in acoustic guitar – along with a bit of twang and a bit of slide –with odd percussive elements and keys. There’s a spectral, otherworldly air to the whole thing, making this nothing less than a modern blues album with a noir-esque narrative that you can really lose yourself in. " - The Crack, UK

"...clever brand of folk noir. Micah Blaichman - the eponymous lord of the manor - has a detached drawl and an eye for fleeting moments of cinematic drama, ultimately coming off like an arch hipster cousin to his namesake, Micah P. Hinson.
Call it New York postmodernism or simply imaginative projection, but Blaichman carves out an intriguing artistic niche for himself..."

- Rock'n'Reel, UK



01.  Gray Gardens (03:35)
02. Blue Yodel #156 (02:54)
03. Someone Was Singing Hi Ho Silver (04:16)
04. Plastic Bombs (03:56)
05. The Room Is On Fire (04:20)
06. Moonbelly (00:57)
07. Everebody's Listening To The Fire (04:26)
08. What's That Sound (03:18)
09. I Build A Castle To 4AM (03:32)
10.  Parable Blues (03:18)
11.   Buck's Dance (01:05)
12.  Cypress Grove (04:08)

All songs written and performed by LORD YOUTH
All instruments, vocals by LORD YOUTH/Micah Blaichman. additional instruments Anders Christophersen

additional players:
Aaron Frazer (vocals on 12)
Andreas Barlesi (bass on 12),
Ariel Armoni (drums on 8)
Buck Werner (mouth harp on 11)
Carlos Santana (e-gtr on 3, drums on 6, organ on 9, 10. 11) 
Florian Metzger (bass on 8),
Frederik Iversen (tack piano on 3, 10)
Silas Tinglef (drums on 3, 10)

Produced by Anders Christophersen and LORD YOUTH
Recorded and mixed by Anders Christophersen in WSLS Records Studios, Copenhagen, 2014 and WSLS Studio, Berlin, summer 2015
Mastered by Mike at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

All songs written by Micah Blaichman (ASCAP), except 08 by Feral Foster.All songs publ. TURLUPIN PUBLISHING M.Blaichman / KODA 

Photos by Micah Blaichman. Layout by Krstof Milovanic

BBI 0302 ⁄ (c)+(p) 2017, BB*Island, exclusively licensed from Lord Youth.

also available from Lord Youth

2-track Single digital-only
Lord Youth
"April 25th / Haunted Radio"


Lord Youth
Lord Youth EP
debut 10" vinyl


2-track digital or 7" vinyl
Lord Youth
"Do You Have Anything To Add?"