Gris-de-Lin - Sprung (pre-order Vinyl/CD)

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Gris-de-Lin - Sprung (pre-order Vinyl/CD)

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"..very original and very exciting: the album ... might just be one of the most intriguing releases of the year." (For The Rabbit, UK)

Gris-de-Lin is a singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Bridport, Dorset and Sprung is her debut album. Her music is a heady mix of post-rock, blues and alt-folk peppered with warped electronics; the songs are narrative and lyrical.

The album was recorded in a nursery school, and saw her playing virtually all of the instruments herself – from guitars and synths to drums and saxophone. Working with producer/engineer Chris Hamilton (know for his work with Squarepusher/Torres/Kite-Base) she also drafted in Rob Ellis (P.J.Harvey/Anna Calvi) to play drums on several tracks. 

01./A1. Your Ghost - (03:56)
02./A2. Birthday - (04:16)
03./A3. The Kick * - (03:14)
04./A4. Muhammad Ali - (02:57)
05./A5. Sprung ** - (04:22)

06./B1. Reprise - (00:59)
07./B2. Dead Wife - (04:17)
08./B3. Russian Korg - (00:31)
09./B4. Marching Band - (04:07)
10./B5. I’m the King ** - (04:01)
11./B6.  Underground * - (02:45)

Music and Lyrics by Gris-de-Lin
except * Music by Gris-de-Lin / Clyma
and ** Music by Gris-de-Lin / Simon Garner

Produced by Chris Hamilton and Gris-de-Lin
Recorded at Watercleaves, Dorset
Engineered and mixed by Chris Hamilton
Mastered by John Dent at Loud Mastering
String arrangements by Gris-de-Lin

Artwork by Kazland
Film Stills by Mr Thomas Hughes
Layout by Simon Barber, Krstof Milovanic

Gris-de-Lin: Vocals, guitars, synths, saxophone, drums, percussion

Rob Ellis: Drums on Muhammad Ali / Marching Band
Chris Hamilton: Guitars on Sprung / I'm the King plus additional guitars, bass, electronics, percussion
Ciara Ismail: Violin   
Danny Keane: Cello

LP: BBI 0251 CD: BBI 0252
©+(p) 2018 BB*ISLAND, under exclusive license from Gris-de-Lin / Noisy Little Birds