She Keeps Bees - Nests (vinyl)

She Keeps Bees Nests Vinyl cover BBI0261
She Keeps Bees Nests vinyl packshot
She Keeps Bees Nests Vinyl cover BBI0261
She Keeps Bees Nests vinyl packshot

She Keeps Bees - Nests (vinyl)


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Nests, first time on vinyl. 
regular version:
- black vinyl
- printed inner sleeve
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"…this Brooklyn bedroom-blues duo’s earthy and exact clatter is imposingly atmospheric…." - NME

"...sparse, soulful and defiantly retro...Larrabee's voice, pitched somewhere between PJ Harvey and Karen O, is terrific: at once sullen and suggestive, and possessed of just enough melodic playfulness to prevent the music - pared back to the barest strums and clatters throughout - from sounding slight. …“
 - The Guardian

"..don’t listen to this on repeat, you’ll be lost for days..." - subba cultcha

If bassless rocking boy-girl duos have been a phenomenon that some critics almost turned into a genre, well.. then Nests is one of the most outstanding recordings in that area, yet slightly overlooked and underrated. If you’re into garage blues-rock, raw and with soulful vocals, Nests is a must have - and, strangely enough, now for the first time available on vinyl.

For the european CD release of Nests in 2009 many critics came up with too obvious, hasty comparisons, from The Kills to White Stripes (in reverse), but it didn’t meet the point at all. She Keeps Bees have a very own, captivating character to explore. 

First, the duo is the brainchild of a truly exceptional singer, Jessica Larrabee. "she has one of the best voices I have ever heard and she has more soul in one finger than most female singers have in our scene." claims Sharon van Etten, and she’s just right. 

Moreover Nests first time transforms She Keeps Bees as a duo stage act. Andy LaPlant, who met Jessica while she’s been working on the folkier, largely acoustic debut „Minisink Hotel“, helping her mainly on the recording side, on Nests he’s full time at the drum set, besides taking care of the recording as well. The music turned louder and more aggressive.

Nests became a document of growing together into the music and partnership. Jessica’s first instrument was drums, Andy’s was guitar. They were learning from each other. Jessica wrote the songs as they recorded. They were after a true honest raw performance, most of it recorded live, entirely in their Brooklyn apartment in 2008. Nests is just this snapshot moment. From there the duo developed further in their own vein and dynamic, through the denser Dig It (2011) and the levitating Eight Houses (2014), and new recording somewhere on the horizon. If you want to know where this all starts from the scratch get Nests. You may also appreciate how surroundings and settings might influence the album making process. 
Eight Houses was their (first real) studio album. Dig On was made in the isolation of a mountain cabin. Minisink Hotel has an americana countryside feel. Nests is the New York album.  „It was this raw dynamic which made debut album, Nests, stomp your attention into submission with Larrabee powering and purring away. (…) there was force and frustration; it’s an album driven by the snarl of the city streets, fighting for every square inch of its embattled escape from NYC’s confines. You could feel the clamour in Larrabee’s vocal as she willed and wailed to dominant effect„ (BBC review)

Besides the two more obvious hit songs Gimmie and Release, the album is a 27 minute long slow grower. Dense, no frills, no filler.  In comparison The Kills are fancy Eurotrash and The White Stripes male stadium rock, while She Keeps Bees music here is truly bare to the bone ruled by definite female strength and emotion, as spelled in the old blues. minimal, dark, raw, healing. 


A1. Ribbon (2:05)
A2. Wear Red (2:12)
A3. Release (2:07)
A4. Gimmie (3:01)
A5. Get Gone (2:37)
A6. My Last Nerve (2:18)

B1. Bones Are Tired (1:25)
B2. Focus (3:13)
B3. You Can Tell (2:19)
B4. Strike (2:43)
B5. Cold Eye (2:53)

all songs by Jessica Larrabee
All tracks recorded by Andy LaPlant
Jessica Larrabee - voc, gtr
Andy LaPlant - dr
recorded and released originally in 2008. 

This is the first time release on vinyl (through BB*ISLAND, Dec. 2016).